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Production Director Academy with Tim Burt

The World’s First and Only Dedicated Training Course For Radio, Television, and Podcast Commercial Producers.

Presented by Tim Burt.

Here’s Just A Sample Of What You Will Learn in Production Director Academy:

Writing Effective Scripts That Sell – FAST

Learn how to decipher “sales-speak” and turn it into a script that will SELL for your sales rep – and client.

How To Voice Any Script – the RIGHT way

Learn the Hollywood voicing tactics that will make sure you give the right read to any script – every time. 

How To Avoid Legal Trouble

The script the client (or salesperson) wrote may actually be illegal. You’ll know what to look for, and how to fix potential legal headaches.

Get Your Sales Staff On Your Side

Let’s end the (usually) toxic relationship between sales and production. When you implement the strategies you’ll be given, your sales staff will love what you can do for them.

How To Be “Creative” Without Being Obnoxious

Being “creative” doesn’t necessarily mean using the latest sound effects and processing tricks. Hint: better writing usually means better results.


Week 1 - Copywriting (part 1)

Live Calls are November 1st & 3rd

This week is all about the mindset shift that you have to make, core foundations of effective copywriting that you haven’t been taught, and powerful tools that you haven’t been taught – I guarantee it.

Week 2 - Copywriting (part 2)

Live Calls are November 8th & 10th

This week, you’ll learn about writing killer headlines, proper script structure, the power of “because”, and creating “on the fly” in a pinch.

Week 3 - Voice Over Lessons

Live Calls are November 15 & 17

Ready to take your VO game to the next level? You’ll learn about voice control, script analysis, proper emphasis, and more.

You’ll also be practicing LIVE on the calls!

Week 4 - Copyright & IP (important)

Live Calls are TBD

How do you tell a client they can’t use a copyrighted song in their ad? What words and phrases are off limits – which may get you and your station in legal trouble? 

I’ll share real-world examples to keep you out of hot water. 

Production Director Academy F. A. Q. 

Who Is This Training For?

Production Directors at radio and television stations anywhere in the world. Also, podcasters who want to monetize their podcasts through ads will greatly benefit from this training.

Will This Help Me Get A Job?

Nobody should ever guarantee you employment just through taking a course. However, this training will position you as an expert level Production Director. 

Do I Need To Buy More Equipment?

If you have a computer, a program to type, audio editing software and a microphone (of virtually any kind), you're all set to take this training.

What If My Station Won't Cover The Cost?

In this era of "dislocation," odds are, they won't. Isn't it time to invest in your own education? The information you'll get far exceeds the price.

How Will This Class Help Me?

My goal is to make you the smartest Production Director in your market. One that is sought-after, and will have clients begging to work with you - and your station.

Is This Class Accredited Through A Learning Institution?

No. In fact, there is NO learning institution of any kind on Earth that will teach you what you'll learn here. However, upon completion, you WILL receive a diploma that you can proudly display in your studio, and on social media.

My PD and Salespeople Love My Work! Will I Learn Anything New?

Of course! It's great that your sales staff loves you - but imagine how much more they'll appreciate you when your skills are leveled up.

Is This Just Another Course?

Absolutely NOT. Tim will be working with you directly in a small group setting, to make sure you won't get left behind. You'll have access to the lessons forever.

Are The Calls Recorded?

YES. If you can't attend the live calls, they will be recorded. However, it's best if you join live, so you can have your questions answered.

What Areas Are Covered In The Class?

Every area to make you a world-class Production Director: writing scripts that sell, voice coaching, audio production tips, and more. 

What Are The Biggest Benefits I'll Take Away From This Course?

I guarantee you, that if implement what you learn in this academy, your boss(es) will notice the improvement in client retention, quality of ads, and more. This makes it almost impossible for them to let you go.

Will I Get A Certificate?

YES! A diploma will be mailed to you upon successful completion of the course. 

Here Are Just A Few of Tim Burt’s TV & Speaking Appearances

Super Bowl 54 Commercials TV appearance

KNWA / Fox 24, Fayetteville, AR

Radio Advertising Seminar, January 2019

Karachi, Pakistan

Midday Madison, Black Friday Predictions

Nov. 2020, Madison, Wisconsin

Tim Burt Pakistan

Meet Your Instructor

Tim Burt Marketing Advertising Radio Television Production Director Academy

Meet Tim Burt

Tim Burt has more than 30,000 ads to his name, which have generated over $500 million in global sales. He has created marketing campaigns and commercials for virtually every type of business. These include B2B, B2C, even a presidential campaign in Ghana (2016).

Tim has collaborated with such Fortune 500 companies as:

  • Burger King
  • Toyota
  • Jacks Links
  • South African Airways
  • Graybar…and many others.

He has also helped thousands of small businesses around the world. His clients include:

  • a yoga studio in Canada
  • an English language class in India
  • a bra shop in Mozambique
  • an online gaming company in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • a boat restoration company in Belize
  • a medical clinic promoting a breakthrough device that reverses the effects of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • and many, many more.

Tim spent 25 years in the corporate broadcasting world, the last 16 years were with CBS Radio in St. Louis. There, he worked with countless clients, having to write commercials for everything from multi-million dollar homes, to ice cream, tires, etc. Virtually anything you can think of!

Here, you can see Tim holding is final time sheet for CBS Radio (2017).

Questions and Contact Info

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Production Director Academy with Tim Burt

Production Director Academy is currently closed.

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